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Whales November 2019 Blog Update

Autumn 1 The children in Whales class had a fantastic first half term. We have all settled into the Whales routine and have made lots of new friends.

This half term our topic was ‘The Stone Age’. The children love creating cave art work and making rock jewellery in their creative lessons.

In Science the children explored the different materials, and what they were used for in The Stone Age.

In Whales English class read the stories ‘Cave Baby’ and ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. The children really enjoyed making a cave in the classroom and describing what it would be like to live in a cave!

In Whales maths lessons the children have been learning to copy and repeat advance patterns using lots of autumnal objects including conkers and pinecones. We have also been learning the concept of addition and subtraction, the children loved using the practical resources to help with their learning.

Autumn 2 Welcome back to the new term. This half term is going to be very exciting! We have lots of lovely festive activities planned.

This half terms topic is ‘The Victorians’. The children are going to be looking at electricity in science and will build their own electrical circuits.

In creative the children will be making lots of different festive crafts ready for Christmas.

The Whales English class will be looking at the story ‘Lost in a Toy Museum’. We will be thinking about what toys Victorian children played with and how they are different from our toys.

In Maths we will be focusing on 1:1 correspondence using lots of practical objects and we will be continuing to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction.

This half term we have lots of festive activities. On the 3rd December we will be visiting Drayton Manor for their Magical Christmas event. Hopefully we will get to meet Father Christmas! On the 13th December we are going to watch Peter Pan pantomime at Derby theatre, oh yes we are! The children will be making lots of festive crafts and food, we will also be practising for our Christmas production - we are all very excited for this half term!


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