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Starfish January 2020 Blog Update

Review of Autumn Term 2

The children in the Starfish class have enjoyed learning about The Victorians this term. They particularly liked the mock Victorian classroom and experienced what it would have been like to be at school in the Victorian times.

All the pupils have had a lovely time getting ready for Christmas. They have been practicing for the school production, learning about Christingle and the Nativity story and having fun at Drayton Manor theme park. The whole school came together a Christmas dinner and even got to meet Santa Claus.

Outlook of Spring Term 1

The cross curricula topic for next term is ‘The Romans’ and the children will be learning all about what happened during the Roman invasion and find out about what the Romans did for us including; building roads and infrastructure, sanitation, and introducing numbers and money. The topic will be linked to reading and writing tasks but we will also be focussing on those important phonic and spelling skills.

Maths is a stand alone subject and we will continue to build on the children’s basic number concepts as well as reinforcing place value, partitioning and addition and subtraction methods.