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Seals Autumn 2019 Blog Update

Updated: Jan 13

Autumn 1 reflection

Seals have made great progress this year and have all settled in really well and made strong friendships this term. Our focus of the term was “Toys”, where we looked at old and new toys and explored these across our subjects. They have been examining the different materials toys are made from and identifying how old toys may differ from new toys. We have read a variety of books with the most favoured stories being “Toys in Space” and “Lost in the Toy Museum”. Children have been very creative this term and have been making toys of their own using different materials. We explored material changes in which some of our toys had frozen overnight, and the children had to solve how we could melt the ice to save our toys! Well done to some clever scientists! In English we implemented a lot of role play with children pretending to be toys and re-enacting stories we had read. We practiced our writing and mark making with a variety of writing devices which the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring with.

Autumn 2

This terms focus is “Into the forest” where we will focus on forests, signs of spring and wildlife. In English we will review fairy tales that take place in forests and stories about their wildlife, as well as non-fiction books on the wildlife. In Art, parents will have the opportunity to create outdoor art with their children in the style of Andy Goldsworthy in our family learning session. In science children will explore their outside surroundings and identify a variety of common wildlife and garden plants, including deciduous and ever green trees. Children will also have the opportunity to grow their very own plant in which they will gain a sense of responsibility for. Our trips out will be on Monday afternoons where will explore our surroundings and children will re-enact our “Going on a Bear Hunt” story. In DT children will create a recycled forest based on our “The Tin Forest” story, parents are encouraged to save any tin items they may have at home.

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