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SCVY Survey

SCVY - The Staffordshire Council Of Voluntary Youth Services

This survey is aimed at children and young people aged 0-25 (or their families) who are either autistic, living with a learning disability or both autistic and have a learning disability. Parents and carers can help fill this in, but we want to know the child or young person's own views.

A Keyworker could support the child and their family if they are at risk of going into hospital, or are already in hospital. The Keyworker will not replace any professional medical support you already receive, but will be additional to this and help you in a variety of ways. Not everyone will need help from a Keyworker.

Adults can support the completion of the survey, but we want to hear the views of the children and young people directly. We are able to offer phone and/or video calls to provide additional support completing this survey.

You can find more information about the work we are doing and complete the survey on our website here: https://staffscvys.org.uk/survey/