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Rocket Science - the results are in!

In the Summer Term 2016, you may recall that Key stage 2 children at Fountains took part in a project with the RHS called Rocket Science.

We are so excited to announce that the results of our huge science experiment can now be revealed!

Overall it was found that on average, the Earth seeds grew better than the space seeds, but not by much. This is most likely caused by the space seeds being slightly affected by radiation while on board the ISS. Despite this, they still grew and that is great news as it means there is still potential to grow food on long-term missions, or even another planet in the future!

There is a very special colourful report called ‘Rocket Science: Our Voyage of Discovery’ which is now available to download free from the RHS website. The report contains the results, theories from pupils, comments from leading scientists, quotes, photos and a very special message from Tim.

We hope to be involved in other special projects with the RHS over the forthcoming academic year.

Sally Millman-Jones

Lead teacher, Key Stage 1 and 2.