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PE & Sport: Spring Term 1 Update

During the second autumn half term, the children in Starfish and Dolphins classes learnt about Yoga and how this can exercise our bodies, but also how it can be a calming and relaxing session. The Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on Youtube helped the children to learn some of the key shapes used in yoga and how they could stretch and control their bodies. Octopus class learnt about improving their control and coordination during some throwing and target games.

Whales class spent a second half term using the bikes at Shobnall Leisure Centre. The improvement of some of the children was remarkable, in particular one girl who started off not being able to pedal around the track, to her completing 4 laps of the track independently by the end of term.

The Key Stage one children were learning to share and cooperate during their team games topic; they learnt to share and wait their turn during the different activities which improved some social skills and respect for each other.

Some of our Key Stage 2 children took part in a Boccia competition, with one team reaching the quarter finals of the competition, only to be knocked out but the eventual winners.

This half term, the primary focus in PE will be gymnastics. Key Stage 2 will be working on developing their core shapes and balances on the floor and eventually on apparatus, whilst key stage one are learning to explore and use the apparatus safely.

Our year 6 class will be taking part in some climbing activities at a local climbing centre, all skills and events that will put them in good stead for their trip to Standon Bowers in the Summer Term.