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Octopus November 2019 Blog Update

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Autumn Term One.

In our Creative Curriculum lessons we enjoyed learning about the Stone Age last term. Pupils made Stone Age necklaces and learnt about how people lived a long time ago. In English we really enjoyed imagining how we would wash a woolly Mammoth. Our pupils were really creative with their ideas, including using a crane, a monster truck and a large swimming pool. In Forest School we explored mark making using natural resources including leaves, mud and berries. We had the most fun with mud, splatting it onto large paper.

Autumn Term Two.

This half term we shall be learning about life in Victorian times for children. We shall be finding out about what jobs children would have had and role play the different jobs. We may also look at the difference between Victorian toys and the toys we have today.

We shall also be practising for our Christmas production too. No spoilers but our class may have to wear some green face paint. Watch this space…

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