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KS3: Spring Term 1 Update

During the previous term pupils in KS3 have had a great time exploring a wide range of subjects. We wanted to share some of their fabulous achievements.

In Science, pupils in KS3 have been looking at animals. In Green group they enjoyed exploring and learning about what they need to survive and their different habitats. Pupils can be seen pictured discussing these habitats and sorting images.

Within Geography students studied volcanoes and their features, working on labelling the different parts and identifying the effects they can have on local environments. Pupils made their own seismographs to measure an in class ‘earthquake’ and experimented with creating their own volcanic eruptions as can be seen pictured.

Photography pupils were given the opportunity to use a green screen in order to create some entertaining images of themselves with some of their favourite TV characters. One of our pupil can be seen pictured with his favourite characters the Power Rangers.

DT classes have had the chance to design and make some novelty items, such as paper crafts that can be seen pictured, rafts, catapults and even their own bags. They have been preparing seasonal foods and in some classes were making their own pizzas as shown, even dessert pizzas!

At the end of term, the whole school was invited to a Christmas Disco courtesy of the Unwanted Motorcycle Club. Some of the pupils really dressed up for the occasion as you can see in the picture and a great time was had by staff and pupils alike.


KS3 are beginning the New Year with an array of exciting events. We will be celebrating world book day in English and holding a sponsored readathon that all pupils will have the opportunity to engage with, we will also be having a special morning dedicated to celebrating Science week that we are sure the students will all enjoy!

In English groups will be looking at non-fiction texts and will be developing their own factual books about New Year’s traditions around the world and all the students are finding it very entertaining learning about some funny traditions in other countries.

In Maths pupils are moving on to investigate measurement and have begun by exploring non-standard units of measure including measuring their height in cubes and hand prints as can be seen pictured, as well as baking a cake and crafting potions.

Keep an eye out for more pictures from KS3, as in RE we will be learning about Buddhism, in cultural awareness we are sampling the French culture, in geography we shall be studying recycling and in History we are moving on to look at the Stuarts and the English Civil War.

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