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KS3 Autumn 2019 Blog Update

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Key Stage 3 have had a wonderful first half term back at Fountains after their summer break. They have been working so hard and have had the opportunity to explore a range of new topics that they have found really exciting.

English lessons have seen Key Stage 3 reading the BFG, which has proven to be a big hit among our pupils. Students have been describing characters, learning about key concepts within the book and writing about their own dreams. Some groups even made their very own dream jars and posed for photos with them as can be seen in some of the pictures.

All of our pupils have worked really hard in Maths this term, they have been working on their addition and subtraction skills, using a variety of methods and developing their understanding of place value. Students have also begun exploring shapes and have been impressing staff with their knowledge of the more complex shape names.

During the Autumn term, pupils are learning about the Romans, and this half term pupils have explored this in exciting and practical ways. Some groups made their own Roman swords and carried out a Roman invasion in their classes, whilst other groups held a Roman banquet after designing their own menus based on food available during that time period. Students particularly enjoyed learning about Roman decorating and designing an independent mosaic.

All our pupils enjoy their Design and Technology lessons and rotate around a range of subject throughout the year, getting the opportunity to try them all. Some groups have been cooking and enjoying tasting what they make, others have been evaluating toys throughout history and are about to start working on making their own moving toys in the 2nd half of the Autumn term. Red and Yellow group worked on designing their own protective items which they put to the test in an egg drop challenge, at which they were very successful. Pictured there are also some examples of some beautiful Autumnal wreaths that they have made.

Integrated Studies proved to be popular this term, particularly with purple group who have been learning about Fairtrade products. They ended the term by making their own fair-trade chocolate bars that they had been designing during the previous weeks.

During PSHE session students have been looking at the SMILE project, exploring our wellbeing through identifying the socialising, movements and hobbies we have which make us who we are and keep us well. Staff have been supporting students to learn about mental health and the reason good mental health is so important.

After such a successful first half term, staff can’t wait to see what they achieve in the next half term!

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