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Forest School - Summer Half Term Blog

Summer Term One blog.

This half term in Forest School we have been making small rafts. It took us a long time to perfect our rafts, but happily they all floated. Our next task was to construct a sail made from natural resources. We used sticks and leaves and found ways to attach them using string. We then had some boat races across the pond which was a lot of fun!

We were fortunate to be given some silver birch branches which meant that we could saw our own tree cookies. Ian made us a great A frame so that we could balance each log carefully. We were all really impressed at the team work and perseverance of all pupils to cut their tree cookie. It was really fantastic to see.

Next half term we shall be continuing to use the bow saw and our new hand drills to decorate our tree cookies. We shall also be taking advantage of the summer flowers and tree growth to make some natural crafts.

Our planters are looking good; we now have sunflowers, raspberries, strawberries and tomato plants growing in them, as well as our sweet pea wig

and natural flowerbed, which is finally starting to sprout.

Our night vision video camera has captured some fantastic footage of the wildlife that visits our site at night. We were very excited to see hedgehogs, a fox and even badgers. Who knew we had such diverse wildlife visiting our site when we’ve gone home for the night?

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