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Forest School November Update

This half term in Forest School we have been exploring natural resources to make marks with. We used a ‘Hapazome’ technique to print leaves, flowers and berries onto fabric squares. The red leaves and sweet pea flowers made the most impressive and colourful prints.

We have been inundated with a bountiful supply of tomatoes from our tomato plants. We have been collecting them and eating them for snack; they were delicious.

We have also collected lots of seeds from our sweet pea plants and will be planting these in the spring term.

We mixed mud pies, and had a great time squelching in the mud. Our Forest School area is very muddy at the moment so if you do have wellies please send them into school for your child to wear for Forest School sessions. A change of warm clothes will also be a good idea now that the weather is getting cooler.

We made some paint from mud and explored different ways we could paint it onto paper. The favourite method was to throw it on. Other pupils used sticks and leaves and even just their hands.

We used our hand drills to drill holes into conkers to make some conker crafts. Some pupils made people and animals, and others made necklaces; we had some wonderfully creative ideas.

We were very lucky to be given some wild flower seeds which we have just scattered in our wild flower area. They should start to sprout in the spring.

In the last week of term, half of Dolphins Class made a fire. It was really successful, with pupils cooking their own apple wedges on a skewer and watching for the popcorn to pop in a sieve. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait!

In the second half of this term we shall be using natural materials to make some land art, before we turn our focus to making some Christmas crafts using tools. We are hoping to make a variety of crafts this year including baubles and reindeer.

Our night vision video camera continues to amaze us with the evidence of night time activity that it captures. Our fox and hedgehogs continue to visit regularly, but the badger seems to have wandered off for now. We hope he comes back to visit in the spring.