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Forest School Blog 17/01/20

Week ending 17.1.20

Another wet and windy week at Forest School. We didn’t let it stop us going out. There’s no such thing as the wrong weather; just the wrong clothes!

We had lots of fun squelching in the mud on Friday afternoon with Seals class. The mud was the consistency of chocolate milkshake, and made some great sounds as we walked and splashed through it.

This week we have been making bird feeders using pine cones covered in fat mixed with bird seed, and apple and popcorn threaded onto wire too. The birds and squirrels were so hungry that by the next morning every last bit of food had been eaten from the previous day.

Our night vision camera captured an owl swooping down. We haven’t managed to ID the owl yet, but will try over the next few weeks.

This week we are hoping for some dry weather, and our Key Stage 2 pupils will be making some Roman pots in Forest School sessions, which will be decorated using natural resources.