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Forest School Blog 10/01/20

Week ending 10.1.20

This week has been quite wet at Forest School. We started the week off being able to go out for the whole session because the mud had dried up quite well, but then it rained mid-week making the area very muddy again. Time to get out the new tarpaulin next week to shelter us from the expected rain. On this note, please, please send wellies into school for your child. We do have wellies, but not enough, especially in the larger sizes. If you have any old wellies at home that you or your family have outgrown, we would be really grateful of them.

This week we have focused on making bird feeders using pine cones covered in fat mixed with bird seed, and apple and popcorn threaded onto wire too.

On Monday we made about ten fat and seed covered pine cones which all disappeared over night. On Thursday we caught a squirrel balancing along the thinnest branch to steal the pine cone whole. I guess the squirrels must be hungry too!