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Fish Autumn 2019 Blog Update

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Autumn Term 1

Pupils in Fish class have made a great start to the year by adapting to their new routine and classmates. They have begun to form new friendships which has been evident during play when they socialise in activities such as ‘throw and catch’. Our theme for the term was ‘Toyshop’. Pupils demonstrated they could make excellent sock puppets linked to some of the books we read. Pupils really enjoyed ‘Toys in Space’ as well as classics, such as ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

In science we looked at materials. Pupils were able to learn beyond the classroom by going outside on the search of different materials. We also spent time naming their properties through a range of different experiments such as testing if they are water proof or not. Pupils showed how intelligent they were by recognising the different properties!

However, we found the highlight of the term to be ‘Harvest Festival’. Pupils really showed how creative they are as they created a scarecrow, hay bales and did some brilliant art work.

Autumn Term 2

Our focus for term 2 will be ‘Into the Forest’. Pupils will read a range of non-fiction and fiction books which explores different night animals. This will include books such as ‘The Owl and the Pussy-cat’ which will give us opportunities to re-create scenes to participate in sensory stories during English. In science, we are learning about plants. Pupils will be given the opportunity to explore plants through (again) a range of experiment such as creating their own plant and testing to see what happens when they put a flower in food colouring. Pupils will continue to have trips out on a Thursday to explore the local community.