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Emotion Coaching: Helping you to help your kids

Moonbeams Play Therapy are offering a free seven week course is designed to support you to support your children's emotional and mental health.  It is suitable for parents of children from toddlers to teens and everything in-between. 

Using the Gottman emotion coaching model, you will explore:

- The emotional needs behind your children's behaviour

- Different kinds of parenting styles

- Positive parenting steps to try (and what to try and avoid) 

- Setting limits and boundaries

- Recognising emotions as an opportunities to connect or teach

- Communicating empathy and understanding

- Setting limits , boundaries and problem solving

- We will also look at how to support children who are struggling with issues such as anxiety and low mood or who's behaviour has become very challenging

- Parenting through challenging times such as separation, divorce and bereavement.

Over the course of seven weeks, you will learn a set of strategies that will help you support children from toddlerhood, through the tween and teen years and into adulthood. 

See the links below for more information and to secure a place.

Tamworth Course

Burton Course