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ELP: Spring Term 1 Update

Enhanced Learning Provision

In the Autumn term, our topics were as follows:

“Food we eat” where we looked at foods from different countries and found out how they grow.

“Keeping warm” focused on clothes, hot and cold places and the animals that live there.

“Habitats” – looking at woodlands and the animals that live there.

“In the sky” – fireworks, aeroplanes, weather and we made and flew paper aeroplanes

“Seasons” – we looked at books by Roald Dahl and Halloween

We took part in both the Harvest Festival and the Christmas concert in church and joined the rest of the school for assemblies and other special events.  We made poppies and took part in different activities for Remembrance Day in November

Narnia – we turned our classroom into the cold part of Narnia but we didn’t see any witches or lions!

This half term, we are learning about “China”, including Chinese New Year, “Getting Around” using different forms of transport and “Spring” where we will be learning about farm animals and what they eat.

As you can see, we are very busy!

We are looking forward to celebrating National Pie Day on 23rd January – making and eating pies sounds like good fun!