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BCLT Rochdale Pioneers Museum Visit

On Tuesday 19th January 2016, school council members from of the Burton Co-operative Learning Trust schools went to visit Rochdale Pioneers Museum to learn how the Co-operative Movement began. Hayden and Ryan represented the Primary School and Tommy and Amelia represented the High School.

On 21 December 1844 at 8pm, the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers opened their first shop. Local wholesalers refused to trade with the Pioneers, so they had to travel to Manchester to buy goods to sell in the shop. They bought food which everyone needed – butter, sugar, flour and oatmeal.

They had a small amount of money left and bought some candles, which were very useful when the gas company refused to supply gas to light the shop.

All members were able to buy good food at reasonable prices, to be part owners of the Society and take part in the decision making about how it would operate.

Our representatives thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum and taking part in the activities with the children from the trust schools.

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