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Batten Disease Awareness Day

Tomorrow is Batten Disease International Awareness Day (June 9th 2020) - We are asking people to raise awareness and support one of pupils by wearing the colour orange at home or school, the colour of Batten disease.

We are supporting Michal, aged 5 to raise awareness of Batten Disease, a rare, terminal, neurodegenerative condition that affects around 150 children in the UK.

Send your orange pictures to upload@fountains.staffs.sch.uk

It is a fast progressing condition and children lose their ability to walk, talk and swallow as well as developing severe and complex epilepsy. There are 14 types of Batten disease and the most common are late infantile (CLN2) and juvenile (CLN3). It is one of the most rare, terminal conditions in children.

Find out more at http://www.bdfa-uk.org.uk/