We are committed to giving pupils the opportunity to learn in the outdoor environment. We believe that taking learning outside is good for promoting self esteem, well being, behaviour, co-operative learning and problem solving. These skills feed back positively into classroom work and other settings.

We run the Forest School Programme which builds on the natural instinct to learn and explore. It offers opportunities for pupils to make choices for their own learning and take and manage risks. Development of these skills encourages positive attitudes and behaviour.

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Respect for the environment

Activities are based outside and we work with the natural resources around us. By noticing and using the environment children learn to appreciate and respect it. 

Physical health

Fresh air and physical activity make for a healthy body and mind which helps everyone learn.

Self Esteem

The structured approach to tasks and the emphasis on setting children up to succeed raises self esteem – children who struggle in the confines of the classroom will often thrive outside and therefore they will have higher self esteem.

Social skills

Children learn to be more cooperative and to respect each other. They learn that different people have different sets of skills and approach things in different ways – there is often no right or wrong way.

Problem solving

Many of the activities require the children to think about how they can get a task done.


Although always offered assistance, children will be left to try and achieve and complete tasks in small groups developing their independence.