A unique feature of The Fountains Federation is our school buddy dog called Cracker.  


We firmly believe that working with Cracker provides pupils with many benefits, including building confidence and self esteem. He is used to provide consolation, comfort and as a breathing space. Pupils can take Cracker for a walk within the school grounds or sit with him for a few minutes in a quiet space, accompanied by an adult.


Pupils cannot fail in any way in their relationship with Cracker. He offers unconditional affection and communication. Pupils learn the principles of good pet ownership and are given a sense of responsibility through their contact with him.


Cracker is supervised at all times by staff members, and is handled consistently and safely. Pupils are also taught how to handle dogs safely and responsibly. 

We do of course recognise that not all pupils, staff and visitors like dogs, may be afraid of them, or may have an allergic reaction to them, and this is carefully and sensitively managed by staff.