Welcome to Seals class.

We are a Key Stage 1 class of 10 children in the Complex Learning Needs department. We follow the National Curriculum adapted into 6 areas of learning. We sometimes learn as a whole class together, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in 1:1 teaching sessions. Many of our learning activities are play based and sensory.

Spring Term 2 - March 2017


We had fun last term learning about number rhymes and songs in early years. We made a display of our favourite number rhymes and we have all learnt some new songs in class. We have our new climbing frame installed and it has been lovely for the children to be able to develop their gross motor skills climbing and sliding. We have been outside whenever possible and our raincoats and rain suits have definitely had some wear in January.

We celebrated Chinese New Year by exploring the Chinese artefacts and trying Chinese food. We had fun trying to use chopsticks!

This term we are learning about growing and changing. We are learning about how animals change and will be looking at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be also looking at how we are changing as we get older and all the things we can now do that we couldn’t do when we were babies. The third aspect of this theme is how plants grow and change from a seed to a flower or vegetable. We will be planting seeds and watching them grow. We will be learning about the things plants need to help them grow and will be learning to take care of our plants. Look out for the

photographs next term.

Spring Term 1 - January 2017


Happy New Year from Early Years!

Everyone had a great time last term. We learnt about different sights and sounds in the winter and had fun exploring different tastes, smells and textures relating to Diwali and Christmas. We did lots of craft activities and developed our brush skills through painting and gluing. We made a winter wonderland in our sensory room and everyone had lots of opportunities to explore the different sensory activities. One afternoon, we had a lovely surprise when we went into the winter wonderland – Santa was there! He gave everyone a present (even the staff!) It was a very special day for one child as his mum had never been able to get him to see Santa before as he was too scared. He went in, smiled and waved hello. We were all very proud of him.

The reception children and one nursery family had a wonderful time at Drayton Manor in December. Although it was a cold day, all of the children enjoyed the rides in Thomas Land and had another visit from Santa.

We had a Christmas disco in school and everyone enjoyed the music and lights. We also all went into the hall with the whole school for Christmas dinner. This was a big achievement for some of our children as it was very busy and noisy.

A lot of parents came to stay and play at the end of term. They looked through the learning journeys and chatted to the staff as well as playing with the children and having a mince pie. Some of the parents even joined in with the swimming session with their children – thank you for being brave!


So Christmas is over and it is time to settle back into routine and continue with our learning. This term our topic is number rhymes. We will be singing lots of number rhymes, both addition and subtraction and will explore themes around the songs. We will have many opportunities for learning about the numbers, 1:1 correspondence and the oneness of 1. This will be alongside the other areas of learning which run alongside the theme at all times.

One last piece of news is we are very excited to be taking delivery of our new climbing frame this term. It will be a fantastic new resource for the children and we hope to have some photos to post by February half term.

Autumn Term 2 - December 2016


We have settled into the new routines well and are enjoying learning and playing in Early Years. We had lots of fun looking at ourselves and using our bodies and senses to explore the environment. We especially enjoyed having a turn on the big adventure playground where we could climb, swing and slide. We went to the church to take part in the Harvest celebration and all of the children coped really well with the noise and different environment.


Our topic this term is “Light and Sound”. Our Learning2Learn question is, “What can we see and hear at this time of year?” It links in with the PECS work we are doing as we are extending the sentence strips to include “I see…” and “I hear…”rather than just “I want…” This gives the children the opportunity to comment on their environment and broaden their understanding of new and key vocabulary. We are looking at different festivals and celebrations and using technology to create sound and light patterns. We have already looked at the light festival of Diwali and made firework patterns on the iPads. We also made Poppies for Remembrance Day.


In December we will be looking at the sights and sounds of Christmas and are looking forward to creating a winter wonderland in our sensory room. We are going to be very busy, with preparations for the Christmas performance, a visit to Drayton Manor Park, Christmas stay and play and a Christmas party. Watch this space for the photos…

Autumn Term 1 - September 2016


This term we are learning about ourselves and our bodies. We are using different parts of the body to print and are learning about our features on our faces. We are investigating how we can use our bodies to move in different ways and exploring using our senses. We are using stories and songs to consolidate the names of parts of the body and will be using our PECS to make a preference and decide if we like or dislike something.


We will be practising fine and gross motor skills through child initiated sessions as well as guided adult led activities such as P.E. and swimming. We follow the EYFS curriculum and take part in indoor and outdoor activities linked to the 7 areas of learning. Look out for the photos of how we are learning  later in the term.

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